Sunday, September 15th

Time Session Title Authors
09:00 Strings: Non-western instruments

Chairs: R. Mores, J.-P. Dalmont
Design, Construction, and Material of an Ancient Indian String Instrument Anurag Gupta, Chaitali Dangarikar
09:20 Vibration Characteristics of Oud Soundboard Sinan Inanli, M. Ercan Altinsoy
09:40 Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamics Sound in an Ocarina Model Hiroaki Okada, Sho Iwagami, Taizo Kobayashi, Kin'Ya Takahashi
10:00 Strings: Guitar and Harp modeling

Chairs: R. Mores, J.-P. Dalmont
Experimental and Simulative Examination of the String-Soundboard Coupling in an Acoustic Guitar Alexander Brauchler, Pascal Ziegler, Sabina Benatti Camargo, Peter Eberhard
10:20 Modelling of Gabonese harps Antoine Caillon, Jean-Loïc Le Carrou, Baptiste Chomette, Sylvie Le Bomin
11:00 Break/P9-P12
12:00 Virtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Design and player control

Chairs: V. Fréour, M. Jousserand
Exploring dependency between instrument design and musician's control. Patricio De La Cuadra, Augustin Ernoult, Benoit Fabre
12:20 A Real-Time Physical Model to Simulate Player Control in Woodwind Instruments Vasileios Chatziioannou, Alex Hofmann, Sebastian Schmutzhard
12:40 The virtual workshop OpenWInD: Towards an optimal design tool of wind instruments for makers Guillaume Caster, Juliette Chabassier,, Augustin Ernoult, Alexis Thibault, Robin Tournemenne
13:00 Virtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Numerical exploration

Chairs: V. Fréour, M. Jousserand
Numerical analysis and comparison of brass instruments by continuation Vincent Fréour, Hideyuki Masuda, Satoshi Usa, Eiji Tominaga, Yutaka Tohgi, Bruno Cochelin, Christophe Vergez
13:20 Numerical synthesis applied to reed instruments: influence of the control parameter transients on the steady-state oscillation regime Tom Colinot, Philippe Guillemain, Jean-Baptiste Doc, Christophe Vergez
13:40 Simulation of the nonlinear characteristic of the clarinet exciter and of the side holes Pierre-André Taillard, Jean-Pierre Dalmont
14:00 Break/P13-P17, D3
15:00 Acoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: Numerical improvements

Chairs: B. Fabre, V. Fréour
Finite element simulation of radiation impedances with applications for musical instrument design Péter Rucz, Judit Angster, András Miklós
15:20 Numerical study of Synchronization Phenomena of an Air-Jet Instrument using Finite-Difference Lattice Boltzmann Method Ryoya Tabata, Taizo Kobayashi, Kin'Ya Takahashi
15:40 From the bifurcation diagrams to the ease of playing of reed musical instruments. A theoretical illustration of the Bouasse-Benade prescription Joël Gilbert, Sylvain Maugeais, Christophe Vergez
16:00 Break
17:00 Excursion & Dinner

Excursion & Dinner: Guided bird watching tour (english, french german) to the LWL-Open-Air Museum with subsequent dinner and jam session in the White Steed. The dinner is not included in the conference fee, and it will be a buffet with drinks included for 50 Euro.

Drums, keyboard, and electric bass will be available at the informal jam session. You are encouraged to bring solo instruments!