Saturday, September 14th

Time Session Title Authors
09:00 Opening & Plenary Welcome & Introduction
09:20 25 Years Applied Pipe Organ Research at Fraunhofer IBP in Stuttgart Judit Angster, Péter Rucz, András Miklós
10:00 Acoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: Flutes How do flute players adapt their control parameters to modifications of the flute bore? Benoit Fabre, Patricio De La Cuadra
10:20 Experimental study on the temporal fluctuation of harmonics in flute sounds Keita Arimoto
10:40 Experimental Investigation for Effects of Jet Angle on the Harmonic Structure in the Flute Onogi Kimie, Ai Natsubori, Hiroshi Yokoyama, Akiyoshi Iida, Keita Arimoto
11:00 Break/P1-P2, D1
12:00 Directivity of Musical Instruments: String ensembles

Chairs: J. Woodhouse, R. Mores
ODESSA - Orchestral Distribution Effects in Sound, Space and Acoustics: an interdisciplinary symphonic recording for the study of orchestral sound blending Martha De Francisco, Malte Kob, Jean-François Rivest, Caroline Traube
12:20 Investigation of the Blending of Sound in a String Ensemble Stefanos Ioannou, Malte Kob
12:40 Sounds Like Melted Chocolate: How Musicians Conceptualize Violin Sound Richness Charalampos Saitis, Claudia Fritz, Gary Scavone
13:00 Directivity of Musical Instruments: Sound fields

Chairs: G. Scavone, T. Grothe
External sound field simulations and measurements of woodwind resonators Erik Alan Petersen, Romane Rosser
13:20 Impact of free field inhomogenity on directivity measurements due to the measurement set-up Malte Kob, Alexis Baskind
13:40 Piano strings with reduced inharmonicity Jean-Pierre Dalmont, Sylvain Maugeais
14:00 Break/P3-P4, D2
15:00 Design & Playing: Fingering & articulation

Chairs: Chairs: J.-P. Dalmond, G. Scavone
Physical principle of pitch bent by cross-fingering Seiji Adachi
15:20 A parametric study of finger motions when playing the clavichord : towards characterization of expressive control. Jean-Théo Jiolat, Jean-Loïc Le Carrou, Christophe D'Alessandro
15:40 Factors affecting transients in rapid articulation on a bass crumhorn. Alan Woolley, Murray Campbell, Simon Carlyle
16:00 Design & Playing: Room acoustics

Chairs: T. Halmrast, M. Kob
Music Practice Rooms: Ambitions, Limitations and Practical Acoustic Design Claudiu Pop, Riduan Osman, Julia Knight
16:20 Acoustical evaluation of differences in Sanshin’s tone depending on shapes of SAO Kojiro Nishimiya, Mao Tokuda, Yuki Yokota, Hideo Cho
17:00 Break/P5-P8
18:00 Acoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: Pipe organs

Chairs: P. Rucz, V. Hruska
The Khaen as a Miniature Pipe Organ James Cottingham
18:20 The air jet development in organ pipe tone attack caused by voicing adjustments Zdenek Otcenasek, Pavel Dlask, Jan Otcenasek
18:40 Distortion of acoustic shockwaves by U-shaped tube portions Sebastien Ollivier, Thomas Lechat, Didier Dragna, Arnaud Gluck
19:00 Acoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: Clarinet and single reeds

Chairs: J. Gilbert, P.-A. Taillard
Numerical study on the function of the register hole of the Clarinet Kin'Ya Takahashi, Kana Goya, Saya Goya, Genki Tsutsumi, Taizo Kobayashi
19:20 Numerical study on unsteady fluid flow and acoustic field in the clarinet mouthpiece with the compressible LES. Toshiaki Koiwaya, Sho Iwagami, Taizo Kobayashi, Kin'Ya Takahashi
19:40 Computational Aeroacoustic Modeling of Single-Reed Mouthpiece Using Palabos (Live Stream) Song Wang, Gary Scavone
20:00 Free evening