Title Authors


Non-destructive measurement of the pressure waveform and the reflection coefficient in a flue organ pipe Viktor Hruska, Pavel Dlask, Milan Gustar
Temporal Acuity - Flamenco Guitar versus Classical Spanish Guitar Robert Mores
Measurement-Based Comparison of Marimba Bar Modal Behaviour Douglas Beaton, Gary Scavone
Analysis of reed vibrations and mouthpiece pressure in contemporary bass clarinet playing techniques Peter Mallinger, Montserrat Pàmies-Vilà, Vasileios Chatziioannou, Alex Hofmann
Relation between subjective evaluation for proficiency, expression or technique and acoustic feature on violin performance Madoka Okemoto, Masanobu Miura
Acoustical analysis of stringed instruments without touch Heidi Von Rüden, Anton Schlesinger
Evaluating the role of the cutoff frequency on sound production of clarinet-like resonators using digital synthesis Erik Alan Petersen, Philippe Guillemain, Jean Kergomard
On the use of reed-to-room transfer function in bassoon auralizations - a listening test Timo Grothe, Alexander Leemhuis, Stefanos Ioannou, Sebastià V. Amengual Garí
Substitution of spruce tonewood with composite materials tailored using numerical models: an application to archtop guitars Romain Viala, Claudia Fritz, Emmanuel Foltete, Vincent Placet, Scott Cogan
Proposal of a human-instrument interaction model and its basic examination using electromyogram Ryo Itoigawa
The ObieAlto project: looking for correlations between perceptual properties and constructional data Claudia Fritz, Valérian Fraisse, Danièle Dubois
Tuning of membranophone based on visualization of membrane vibration mode Eri Zempo, Naoto Wakatsuki, Koichi Mizutani, Yuka Maeda
Non-contact measurement of bow force and friction force in bowed string instruments using a camera Ryodai Izaki, Naoto Wakatsuki, Koichi Mizutani, Keiichi Zempo
Time-domain response measurement of the trumpet, and the room Timo Grothe
Timbre and Duration of Attack Depend on the Amount of Reverberation Tor Halmrast
High resolution 3D radiation measurements on the bassoon Timo Grothe, Malte Kob
Study of the effect of acoustic sound bridges on wind instruments. Perceptual study with a panel of trumpet players Jean-François Petiot
How the Directivity of Bundengan Affects Its Musical Performance Indraswari Kusumaningtyas, Raymond Christianto, Gea O. F. Parikesit, Rosie H. Cook, Muhammad S. Abdulloh, Luqmanul Chakim, Mulyani Moelya, Nicole A. Tse, Margaret J. Kartomi, G. R. Lono Lastoro Simatupang
Towards a Computer-Aided Musical Instrument Manufacturing - Feasibility Study of Computational Environment for Assisting Musical Instrument Manufacturing. Guilherme Orelli Paiva, Rodolfo Thomazelli, Guilherme Nishino Fontebasso, Lucas Neves Egidio
Damping of waves at the walls of a conical tube Cornelis Johannes Nederveen, Timo Grothe, Johannes Baumgart
Non-Linearities of the mechano-electrical tonegenerator of the Hammond Organ Malte Münster


Kora-Som: an interface that converts a player's beating heart into a real-time metronome Leonardo Fuks, Gabriel Moura, Frederico Jandre
A Liquid Sloshing Vibrato Mechanism for an Active Wine Glass Instrument Lior Arbel, Yoav Y. Schechner, Noam Amir
A real-time feedback system for vocal tract tuning Marie Jeanneteau, Noel Hanna, John Smith, Joe Wolfe
Experimental setup for real-time control of a single-reed woodwind instrument model Alex Hofmann, Sebastian Schmutzhard, Vasileios Chatziioannou