Monday, September 16th

Time Session Title Authors
09:00 Reeds: Clarinet

Chairs: K. Takahashi, P.-A. Taillard
Design of a mechanical player system for fatigue-life evaluation of woodwind reeds Connor Kemp, Song Wang, Gary Scavone
09:20 The player-reed interaction during note transitions in the clarinet Montserrat Pàmies-Vilà, Alex Hofmann, Vasileios Chatziioannou
09:40 Clarinet tonguing: the mechanism for transient production (Live Stream) André Almeida, Weicong Li, Lauren Inwood, John Smith, Joe Wolfe
10:00 Mixed

Chairs: R. Bader, J. Gilbert
Acoustics of Bifacial Indian Musical Drums with Composite Membranes Anurag Gupta, Vishal Sharma, Shakti Singh Gupta
10:20 Acoustic measurement of Marimba, Xylophone and Xylorimba Masanobu Miura, Nozomiko Yasui
10:40 Relating tone height and perceived pleasantness in the didgeridoo and bass trombone Noam Amir, Yasmin Bachar-Yakobi
11:00 Break/P18-P21, D4
12:00 Modelling: Modelling techniques

Chairs: J. Chabassier, V. Chatziioannou
The Impulse Pattern Formulation (IPF) as a nonlinear model of musical instruments Simon Linke, Rolf Bader, Robert Mores
12:20 MAESSTRO: a sound synthesis framework for Computer- Aided Design of piano soundboards Benjamin Elie, Xavier Boutillon, Juliette Chabassier, Kerem Ege, Bernard Laulagnet, Benjamin Trévisan, Benjamin Cotté, Nicolas Chauvat
12:40 Navier-Stokes-Based Physical Modeling of the Clarinet Nicholas J. Giordano, Jared W. Thacker
13:00 Modelling: Modelling strings

Chairs: J. Chabassier, V. Chatziioannou
Measurement and Modeling of a Resonator Guitar Mark Rau, Julius Smith
13:20 Thai Fiddle Saw-u Modeled as a Helmholtz Resonator with Circular Membrane Kajornpop Toboonchuay, Munhum Park, Bhanupol Klongratog
13:40 Finite Element Modelling of Japanese Koto Strings Kimi Coaldrake
14:00 Break
15:00 Virtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Virtual instruments and data bases

Chairs: V. Fréour, M. Jousserand
Numerical simulation of the acoustic guitar for virtual prototyping Henna Tahvanainen, Hideto Matsuda, Ryo Shinoda
15:20 Creating Virtual Acoustic Replicas of Real Violins Esteban Maestre, Gary Scavone
15:40 Generation and Analysis of a Database of Geometrical and Acoustic Properties for the Modern Almenräder-Heckel System Bassoons Vincent Houde-Turcotte, Marthe Curtit, Caroline Traube, Jean-Pierre Dalmont
16:00 Virtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Instrument design

Chairs: V. Fréour, M. Jousserand
Optimization of Marimba Bar Geometry by 3D Finite Element Analysis Douglas Beaton, Gary Scavone
16:20 How to include several acoustic characteristics in the design of woodwind instruments? Augustin Ernoult, Samy Missoum, Philippe Guillemain, Christophe Vergez, Michael Jousserand
16:40 Model-based quantification of the effect of wood modifications on the dynamics of the violin Romain Viala, Sarah Lämmlein, Vincent Placet, Scott Cogan
17:00 Break
18:00 Instrument Building

Chairs: J. Smith, L. Fuks
Influence of tonewood parameters on the perceived sound quality of a steel-string acoustic guitar Sebastian Merchel, David Olson, M. Ercan Altinsoy
18:20 The Bilbao project : How makers match backs and tops to produce particular sorts of violins Claudia Fritz, George Stoppani, Unai Igartua, Roberto Jardón Rico, Ander Arroitajauregi, Luis Artola
18:40 Metamaterials in Musical Instruments Rolf Bader, Jost Fischer, Malte Münster, Patrick Kontopidis
19:00 Timbre and Perception

Chairs: J.F. Petiot, R. Mores
Perception-based classification of Expressive Musical Terms: Toward a parametrization of musical expressiveness Aviel Sulem, Ehud Bodner, Noam Amir
19:20 Perception of violin soundpost height differences (Live Stream) Lei Fu, Claudia Fritz, Gary Scavone
19:40 Break
20:00 Joint music in HfM Detmold Concert house

The joint music session in the Concert house will start with a performance by Piotr Oczkowski, after which the stage will be open for everyone. Please think of music that you would like to play and team up with colleagues if you wish! If you prefer to sing in a choir please give a short feedback/scores and we will arrange something. A Steinway and Sons grand piano and an organ will be provided.