Monday, September 16th

Time Session Title Authors
09:00 Reeds: Clarinet Design of a mechanical player system for fatigue-life evaluation of woodwind reeds Connor Kemp, Song Wang, Gary Scavone
09:20 The player-reed interaction during note transitions in the clarinet Montserrat Pàmies-Vilà, Alex Hofmann, Vasileios Chatziioannou
09:40 Clarinet tonguing: the mechanism for transient production (Live Stream) André Almeida, Weicong Li, Lauren Inwood, John Smith, Joe Wolfe
10:00 Mixed: Membranes and percussion Experimental dynamic characterization of diaphragms of old reproducing devices using base-excitation modal testing Vincent Debut, Isaac Raimindo
10:20 Acoustics of Bifacial Indian Musical Drums with Composite Membranes Anurag Gupta, Vishal Sharma, Shakti Singh Gupta
10:40 Acoustic measurement of Marimba, Xylophone and Xylorimba Masanobu Miura, Nozomiko Yasui
11:00 Break
12:00 Modelling: Modelling techniques The Impulse Pattern Formulation (IPF) as a nonlinear model of musical instruments Simon Linke, Rolf Bader, Robert Mores
12:20 MAESSTRO: a sound synthesis framework for Computer- Aided Design of piano soundboards Benjamin Elie, Xavier Boutillon, Juliette Chabassier, Kerem Ege, Bernard Laulagnet, Benjamin Trévisan, Benjamin Cotté, Nicolas Chauvat
12:40 Navier-Stokes-Based Physical Modeling of Wind Instruments Nicholas J. Giordano, Jared W. Thacker
13:00 Modelling: Modelling strings Experimental and Simulative Examination of the String-Soundboard Coupling in an Acoustic Guitar Alexander Brauchler, Pascal Ziegler, Peter Eberhard
13:20 Thai Fiddle Saw-u Modeled as a Helmholtz Resonator with Circular Membrane Kajornpop Toboonchuay, Munhum Park, Bhanupol Klongratog
13:40 Finite Element Modelling of Japanese Koto Strings Kimi Coaldrake
14:00 Break
15:00 Virtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Virtual instruments and data bases Numerical simulation of the acoustic guitar for virtual prototyping Henna Tahvanainen, Hideto Matsuda, Ryo Shinoda
15:20 Creating Virtual Acoustic Replicas of Real Violins Gary Scavone, Esteban Maestre
15:40 Generation and Analysis of a Database of Geometrical and Acoustic Properties for the Modern German Bassoons. Vincent Houde-Turcotte, Marthe Curtit, Caroline Traube, Jean-Pierre Dalmont
16:00 Virtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Instrument design Optimization of Marimba Bar Geometry by 3D Finite Element Analysis Douglas Beaton, Gary Scavone
16:20 How to include several acoustic characteristics in the design of woodwind instruments? Augustin Ernoult, Samy Missoum, Philippe Guillemain, Christophe Vergez, Michael Jousserand
16:40 Model-based quantification of the effect of wood modifications on the dynamics of the violin Romain Viala, Vincent Placet, Scott Cogan
17:00 Break
18:00 Instrument Building Influence of tonewood parameters on the perceived sound quality of a steel-string acoustic guitar Sebastian Merchel, David Olson, M. Ercan Altinsoy
18:20 The Bilbao project : How makers match backs and tops to produce particular sorts of violins Claudia Fritz, George Stoppani, Unai Igartua, Roberto Jardón Rico, Ander Arroitajauregi, Luis Artola
18:40 Metamaterials in Musical Instruments Rolf Bader, Jost Fischer, Malte Münster, Patrick Kontopidis
19:00 Timbre and Perception Influence of Long-Term Playing on the Tonal Characteristics of a Concert Piano Niko Plath
19:20 Perception-based classification of Expressive Musical Terms: Toward a parametrization of musical expressiveness Aviel Sulem, Ehud Bodner, Noam Amir
19:40 Perception of violin soundpost height differences (Live Stream) Lei Fu, Claudia Fritz, Gary Scavone
20:00 Joint music in Detmold Concert house