Friday, September 13th

Time Session
15:00 Workshop on Instrument Building
20:00 Welcome Rececption


The instrument building workshop will give the opportunity to build your own instrument. The instruments shall be played during the joint musical events. The workshop will be held in the basement of the conference venue Sommertheater Detmold. We were able to gain four workshop instructors, such that you can choose between the following options:

  1. build a string instrument with Yuri Landman
  2. build a lip-reed instrument with Lucas Heidemann
  3. build a wind instrument/ membranophone/ idiophone with Leonardo Fuks
  4. build a vegetable wind instrument with Dusty Eddy
All workshops shall close in time, such that you can attend the welcome reception in the same building at 20:00. In order to have space and materials prepared for you, we ask you to make your choice as soon as possible by emailing a, b, c, or d to

Note that no more places currently remain in: a. build a string instrument with Yuri Landman.

Workshop sponsored by: Yamaha

Travel Details - Detmold Train Station to Sommertheater (ISMA venue)

Take a 20 minutes walk

Once you have arrived in Detmold train station, locate the alley “Herrmannstraße”, which leaves the square in front of the train station perpendicular to the tracks.

Walk down this alley, pass by the church until you reach the junction “Gerichtsstraße”. Head to left onto “Gerichtsstraße”, you will soon reach a big street “Paulinenstraße”.

Cross this street, head on until you reach a small creek, (just in front of the bar “Cosmo lounge”). Do not cross the *creek, but head to the right and follow it on a small footpath.

The path and creek make a smooth curve to the left. The path ends at a big street “Paulinenstraße”, close to a crosswalk. Take this crosswalk, it will lead you into a nice alley: a path only for walkers and cyclists bounded by trees. The creek you followed earlier, appears again on your left.

After some hundred meters, you will reach a first small brigde for walkers, it leads directly to the main building of the Musikhochschule Demold.

Head on into the forest, you will soon reach a second small bridge, crossing this you see the Detmolder Sommertheater right in front of you.

*By crossing the creek and heading straight on from here, you may reach the city center, market square etc... (if you have some extra time)

Detmold Train station walk
Walking path from Detmold main train station to ISMA 2019 venue. (modified)

Take a 10 min bus trip

From just outside of the Detmold main train station, there is a bus station with many platforms.
Take one of the following buses to the "Sommertheater" stop: Tickets are purchased directly from the bus driver. Single tickets are good for 90 minutes an any direction, and they are called "EinzelTickets" (ine-sowl ticket) bitte. If you have "City ticket-Detmold" printed on your original train ticket, then purchasing local bus tickets on your arrival and departure day is not necessary.

See the bottom of this page for more ticket options for the rest of your trip.

Travel Details - Getting from Bielefeld to Detmold

There is no direct train to Detmold from Bielefeld during ISMA!
From Bielefeld you need to take a bus or subway, both leaving outside of the train station.

Plan at least 7 minutes to get from the tracks to bus or subway!

Option A Bus + Train (recommended)
hourly (06:31, 07:31,..., 19:31)

Note, to reach the RE82 SEV Bus mentioned above:

If you have arrived at one of the train platforms, or from the train station’s main entrance:
You need to go down the stairs into the hallway.
Locate the staircase to Track 8 (on the right, heading to the back entrance of the train station)
Go up the stairs to track 8.
Coming up the stairs, the train track are to the right and a street to the left.
Leave the train station area here and head onto this street-
Following the footpath parallel to the train tracks.
You will pass by one bus stop after the other.
Yours is the last bus stop (opposite to the ISHARA swimming pool; before the roundabout)

Option B Tram + Bus
hourly (06:52, 07:52, 08:52,...,19:52, 20:55)

Full plan for both Option B and A is found online here.

Bielefeld Hbf
Bielefeld Main Train Station (modified)