Day / TimeFridaySaturdaySundayMondayTuesday
09:00 Opening & PlenaryStrings: Non-western instrumentsReeds: ClarinetMeasurement Session
Musical Instruments
10:00 Acoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: FlutesStrings: Guitar and Harp modelingMixed: Membranes and percussion
11:00 BreakBreakBreak
12:00 Directivity of Musical Instruments: String ensemblesVirtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Design and player controlModelling: Modelling techniques
13:00 Directivity of Musical Instruments: Sound fieldsVirtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Numerical explorationModelling: Modelling stringsFarewell
14:00 BreakBreakBreak 
15:00 Workshop on
Instrument Building

Design & Playing: Fingering & articulationAcoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: Numerical improvementsVirtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Virtual instruments and data bases
16:00 Design & Playing: Room acousticsMixed topicsVirtual Prototyping of Musical Instruments: Instrument design
17:00 BreakExcursion & Dinner: Guided bird watching tour (english, french german) to the LWL-Open-Air Museum with subsequent dinner and jam session in the White SteedBreak
18:00 Acoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: Pipe organsInstrument Building
19:00 Acoustics of Wind Instruments and Organs: Clarinet and single reedsTimbre and Perception
20:00 Welcome Reception
Free eveningJoint music
(Concert house Detmold)

The instrument building workshop will give the opportunity to build your own instrument. Instructors are Leo Fuks (Brasil), Lucas Heidemann (Sweden), Yuri Landmann (The Netherlands) and Dusty Eddy (Germany). The instruments shall be played during the joint musical events.

The offered workshops are as follows:

  1. build a string instrument with Yuri Landman
  2. build a lip-reed instrument with Lucas Heidemann
  3. build a wind instrument/ membranophone/ idiophone with Leonardo Fuks
  4. build a vegetable wind instrument with Dusty Eddy