Bus Shuttle from ICA to ISMA

General Information

The bus will leave Aachen just in front of ICA venue, Eurorgress, at

For ICA participants:

The departure time is matched with the end of session 16 B (string instruments, http://app.ica2019.org/konferenz?session=142) in Room K5. The bus stop is a 2 min walk from the main entrance of the ICA venue Eurogress (see picture linked to map below). In case you need further assistance on site please contact the ICA conference desk.

For non-ICA participants:

The Shuttle departs directly from the public bus-station "Eurogress". This is a 7 min trip by bus from the Aachen central train station. From there, you can use lines 3A and 13A towards “Ponttor”. You will arrive at the fifth station called “Eurogress”. The busses run at 7-minute intervals. You can find your connection on the ASEAG webpage. Please make sure to be on time.

For all:

The bus trip to Detmold will take about 4 hours. The bus will arrive at Detmold Sommertheater, the venue of ISMA. From there you will easily reach the city center of Detmold by foot in max. 15 minutes. The bus shuttle should arrive just in time for the ISMA-workshop starting at 15:00. Workshop participants can leave their luggage near the workshop room.

***If you have not yet registered for the bus shuttle, you must do so at: info@isma2019.de